Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Rocket balloons  25/5/2017 week 4
What i’ve done: rocket balloons.

What I found out: if you put the straw on the string and it is too steep then it won't have enough power to get up it. Also it doesn't have enough to make it up the whole way so it only makes it half way. 

What I wonder: if you connect another balloon the the first one if it makes it go the whole way because of the extra air.

Chair pulley 8/6/17
I got to choose between three options for science which was a chair pulley a ping pong ball ramp or go outside and play with the force with a basketball. I chose the chair and pulley because was interested in moving weights up and down or side to side. I made it with Leon and Liam, we were changing the steepness to see if it would work. We used chairs, rope and a basket. 

I found out that if you make the rope steeper than normal it won't work because it's too steep and the rope can't take the weight. 

I found out that if you make the ropes steeper but you make the basket lighter  it will work.

I wonder if you make the ropes bigger and more of them to hold to hold the weight and make the basket heavier if it will still work.

Catapult 7/6/17
I made catapults with leon. I chose to make the catapult because I wanted to beat everyone in the competition on who could shoot the cotton ball the longest. 

I found out that if you weighed the cotton ball with rubber bands then will go further and if you make it a hand powered catapult it will go further.

I wonder if you just fire rubber bands if it goes further.

Catapult 12/6/17
This science time I was gathering data with leon, we were gathering data about our catapult and the distance it could go. We found out that if you put more than 5 rubber bands on the cotton ball that even though everyone says the more rubber bands the further the cotton ball will go, we found out that 3 our 4 rubber bands on it will make it go further.

I wonder if you stick another cotton ball to the first one if it will go further.

Mini golf course 15/6/17
Today I made a mini golf course with Jackson, Sean, Sam and I. We tried a lot of different designs and all of them didn't work.

I found out that if you hit the ball to hard then it definitely won't go into the hole because it will bounce out of the track.

I wonder if you make the trAck steeper but flat and no bumps if it will work.

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