Sunday, 25 June 2017


Catapult 22/6/17 week 8
Force is when you push, pull or throw something. For example if you throw a tennis ball and put a lot of force on it will go very fast and far ,but if you don't put force on it the cotton ball won't go far or fast. We made a catapult, we also made a graph for our data.
We changed the amount of rubber bands that we put on the cotton ball, we also changed how many cotton balls we fired. We were changing the amount of rubber bands and cotton balls that were fired, we were changing these things to see the effect it had on the distance.
I wonder if you fire more rubber bands and cotton balls if it will still go further or not.
We used popsicle sticks,plastic spoons and Sellotape to stick everything together. The measurements were quite high after three rubber bands to seven. 
The steps are to get three popsicle sticks and stick them together to make the base. Then you get a plastic spoon and stick that onto the base, and there you are you have a catapult. 
The force behind this is that if you pull back on the catapult spoon hard then it will go further, but if you only tap the spoon the cotton ball won't go far. I could use this catapult as a model if I want to make a bigger version. It could also help me in maths because we have learnt about weight. 

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