Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Team player

Sport put your hand up if you play a sport.

You should play a sport so that you can learn how to play as a team. I know it feels weird to join a team when have no idea who any of the people are, but once you get to know them it is okay. When you play sports you can have fun playing other teams. Working as a team can come in handy when you need it. One time I was playing rugby and we were losing 7-1 at halftime, and then we started to work as a team by passing the ball when we got tackled and not hogging the ball. We ended up winning 35-30 so team work helped us win, we felt like we had played so hard and our coach was so happy and at training lots of us were late but our coach was fine with it and we did a fun challenge where we had to eat a bar of chocolate with a knife and fork,  forwards vs the backs,  the backs won and I was in the backs. 

The hard thing about keeping fit is the temptation to try McDonalds or kfc  “Taste our iceberg lettuce, our juicy meat patties with some tangy onion” now that is tempting to try. When you play in a team you can keep fit and burn off that burge .

 If you play a sport it can give you opportunities for example I play rugby and I am also the assistant coach for my brothers team I would not have got that opportunity if I didn't play for my club. Playing a sport can give you a goal my goal is to be an all black. Playing a sport helps teach you respect for example I know not to be late to my rugby training because my couch will make us do press ups. Playing a sport can also be good to make friends outside of school because I have friends in my rugby team and at school. 

Overall playing a sport Is good because you can burn of the food that you eat or make friends outside of school.

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  1. Great that you were the Assistant Coach for you brothers team Ollie. I like your description of the tasty McDonalds burger too! Very tempting indeed..